Sellers and Buyers

My Mission for Sellers

I have a unique range of skills that can inspire interest among the most motivated, best-qualified, and determined buyers in our market: buyers who want something they can love, and won’t settle for anything with walls and a floor.

Here’s a rundown of my approach.

Make it Look Amazing

A big part of my background is in the visual arts, and I’m a student of art and design. This gives me an edge in making your listing explode off of the screen, and it means I know how to highlight the aspects of your home that will make it rise above the noise of the market.


I engage actively with buyers and agents. I love open houses: I believe they work, I do a lot of them, and I’m not a fly on the wall – I work the room, and I’m not that agent in the corner looking at their phone. I also believe in providing as much information about a home as possible, up-front, clear, and compelling. This can enable buyers to move more rapidly to a decision, and offer terms. 

I don’t rely only on automated communication: I follow up with agents personally to learn more about their clients’ opinions, and I treat every question as an opportunity to enrich discussions with buyers and agents.

Tell the Story

What makes a house into a home? Answering this question means telling the story of a listing. What are the “intangibles” behind the basic facts? Along with price, location, and specs, telling the story of a home is enriches the experience of prospective buyers and makes a listing stand out. Sometimes this includes researching the history of a home, providing information on design styles, and even going back to information about the original construction of the home.

Total Management

I spent over 25 years managing complex projects on tight deadlines. I’m accustomed to a high level of detail, adhering to timelines, and being immediately and easily accessible. This also means that I actively manage things like complex showing schedules. My job is to do the work some agents pass on to their clients. To make it easier for you, not easier for me.

What’s My Home Worth? It Depends. Let’s Do this Right

There are many home value calculators. You’ve probably already clicked buttons and fed information into a data harvester, ending up with a number that might not make sense in the real world.

The number that system gave you is from what is called an AVM (Automated Valuation Model). AVMs perform calculations. Humans have senses. AVMs are on a server farm in Idaho. AVMs don’t know your neighborhood, they’ve never walked around your home, and they don’t know what makes buyers’ eyes light up. An AVM doesn’t know what you and I know.

I believe that a real-world approach to establishing a market value is the only way. That means a a visit, a walk-through, discussion, and analysis.

If you’re interested in identifying a value for your home, contact me directly. I’ll be in touch, and we’ll figure out how your home might actually perform in today’s market.